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Fiber Sensys
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Video, IP, Networking, Consoles, Audio, Perimeter protection
Comnet Communications

Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut is a Fiber Optic transmission and Ethernet product manufacturer. ComNet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Security Market. Comnet makes fiber optic video, data and audio transmission products as well as a broad Ethernet product line, designed to the specific requirements for the individual security segments




A leader in turnstiles, speed gates,

security booths, security revolving

doors, and entrance gates.


LMN Software Corp

Learn-Monitor-Notify. On-Prem network appliance that Learns the normal operation

of the network, Monitors for changes,

Notifies the network owner of issues.



NightRide Thermal is vehicle

mounted infrared cameras for

professional, commercial and

consumer use. 



Epic IO


EPIC iO provides software-focused

technology that leverages AIoT solutions

to help businesses become safer, smarter,

and more connected. By utilizing our open

AI platform, DeepInsights™, public sector,

and private enterprises can extract and

intelligently generate and analyze IoT      data. This real-time data provides

high-value, actionable insights through a single, integrated source.


Ionodes designs, develops and

manufactures high quality IP-based

video and data processing appliances optimized for use with many other

well-known video, data, and security management solutions. Ionodes is

focused on developing the latest in video encoding, decoding, and management appliances and software platforms.

Fiber SenSys

Setting the standard in perimeter intrusion detection systems and deploying application solutions from power substations to the highest military installations, Fiber SenSys features world-class fiber-optic solutions, microwave sensors, and integration with network and video management systems. Protecting the most critical resources in the world since 1990, Fiber SenSys is your global partner for integrated perimeter security solutions.


Life Safety Power


LifeSafety Power has reinvented

the category of power from static

hardware device to networked

solution that brings realtime data

and intelligence to access control,

fire, intrusion, CCTV and other

connected components. 




Audio Monitoring Technology

Audio security, monitoring, and

surveillance solutions for law

enforcement, schools/education,

retail, medical/child therapy,

QSR/C-store, banking and



Miller at Work

Miller at Work is an office furnishings

supplier with a strong history. A recognized leader in quality, value, and service, we offer you the perfect synthesis of innovative design, cutting edge technology, and old-fashioned values. Whether you need ergonomic seating or 911 dispatch chairs for your workplace, Miller at Work is always up to the challenge.





Qumulex is a fully unified Video

Management and Access Control

System that is Browser-based, using

a mobile-first, modern Progressive

Web App that runs on any device with

a browser. The hybrid model allows for

flexible deployment to meet customer

needs, whether that be all cloud,

all on-premises, or a mixture. Open

Platform assures maximum flexibility for security integrators to choose best of

breed cameras, door controllers, switches, analytics, and cloud integrations.




VIVOTEK Inc. was founded in February

2000. The Company markets VIVOTEK solutions worldwide, and has become

a leading brand in global security

surveillance. To fulfill its global strategic footprint, VIVOTEK is committed to building

an ecosystem for the IP surveillance

industry, and looks forward to long term collaboration and growth with all partners

in our shared pursuit of a safe and secure society.


Winsted command consoles, workstations, rack mount consoles and monitor walls can be found in security/surveillance command centers, industrial process control rooms, network operations centers, military command centers, power/utility control rooms, and data centers the world over. From complete control rooms to single-operator consoles, Winsted has the depth and breadth of products necessary to provide you with the right technical furniture for your application.

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